I could not be more grateful for Right Arm Inc. during the worst time of my life.  Claudia is a wonderful and kind person who was always available to help with any questions.  My capper was my angel.  I don’t know how I would’ve gotten through my treatment days without her by my side.  I was very scared, and she always put me at ease and made sure I was comfortable and had everything I needed during my treatments.  I was really worried because I already had very thin hair and not a lot of it.  I just wanted to feel and look most like myself through all of this.  I am 3 weeks post my final treatment and happy to say that I still have almost all of my hair.  I had a little shedding, but no one else would even notice.  I am forever thankful for Right Arm for helping me save my hair.

Colleen, March 2024

Words cannot express the gratitude for Claudia and her team at Right Arm Inc. From day one, Faye explained the process, answered all of my questions, and made sure I was set up for day one of capping. She made sure I had everything I needed in my Penguin kit and any other recommended items. Faye returned my calls and emails promptly and she provided detailed information and recommendations for exactly what I needed. She listened intently and showed care and kindness in all her communication. I had a setback that delayed my start, but Claudia and Faye were flexible, supportive, and quick to reschedule my start. I utilized a professional capper from Right Arm Inc. for 5 of my 16 treatments so I could get started quickly and so my husband had multiple opportunities to observe, learn, and be ready to continue capping. Our professional capper was the kindest, most patient, most supportive person. He arrived early to each session and spent time getting to know us. He was incredibly knowledgeable about the capping process and with many aspects of the treatment day. He answered all our questions and reassured us often. Having an experienced person there with us as we navigated this new experience was priceless! He checked in often and genuinely cared about my well-being. While I had some hair loss, I also had growth during the last weeks of chemo and I was able to progress through treatments without any bald spots. I am currently two weeks post final chemo and have about two inches of new growth and plenty of my original long hair. The last ten months have been an overwhelming, fast-paced, stressful, and life-changing experience. I was fortunate to have Claudia, Faye, and the Right Arm Inc Team support me through this journey. Without any hesitation, I would recommend them to anyone who is gearing up for this journey. You will be in the best hands!

Name withheld, February 2024

Not that you ever want to experience a cancer diagnosis but if you need to have a provider assist with hair preservation this is the company to use. Very professional, knowledgeable and overall wonderful to work with. Faye was my main contact and she always answered my questions and made sure all appointments were covered. And overall cared and supported me throughout the process. My cold capper was amazing! I don’t know how I would have gotten through my sessions without him. And though you still lose hair most do not notice anything and I had 8 treatments of chemo. Thank you so much!!

Lynn Soren, January 2024

Penguin Cold Capping saved a significant amount of my hair during chemotherapy. While I shed quite a bit of hair, I still kept enough to “feel like myself” through treatment for breast cancer. Faye and Claudia at Right Arm Inc were lovely, informative and available when I had any questions. My cold capper was the best! A survivor herself, she knew what I was going through, offering helpful advice, kindness and support in addition to cold capping. I am so grateful for this product, service and these women. If you are interested in trying to keep your hair through chemotherapy I recommend reaching out to Claudia and Faye and Penguin Cold Caps.

Andrea Lattanzio, December 2023

I’m very grateful for Claudia and Right Arm Inc.  I fortunately found out about them at the last moment before beginning chemotherapy.  Claudia was quick to respond to my inquiry and in the process saved the hair on my head!  I had the Penguin Cold Caps overnighted to my home…I was considering using the system provided at Memorial Sloan Kettering and I am so glad that I went with Right Arm and Penguin!  The oncology nurses told me that they saw much better results with Penguin.  Claudia was also able to arrange a last minute (evening before) Zoom training which was well worth the price!!!!!  The training was invaluable.  I can’t say this is easy but it is doable and that every day with hair is a great day and I am thrilled that this time going through chemo I did not become bald.  If I felt any discomfort, I would climb the stairs at MSK to take my mind off of it, or go around the block outside.  I kept my hair and my fitness.  Taxotere requires hours of cooling after treatment…the hospital system would not have allowed that but the portable Penguin system does.  I am so grateful to Claudia and Right Arm…..they can provide a capping service if you prefer.  My husband did an excellent job.

Jean Sobus, November 2023

As I’m sure it is for everyone that has to go through it, this was by far one of the most physically and emotionally challenging experiences I have ever had.  I am a 9/11 survivor — this was worse.  I know that my preoccupation with my hair probably seemed ridiculous and annoying at times, but you all rolled with it.  Truth is, if I didn’t focus on my hair, I’m not quite sure I could have dealt with being so focused on the bigger issue at hand.  Thank you for answering my questions, being patient with me and not making me feel like a total idiot.  The hair was the one thing I thought I could control.

I also really want to thank you for bringing my capper into my life.  You really do have a super power there.  She proved to be one of the most significant sources of support for me through this.  It is mind boggling that I’ve spent only 4 days in her company, and she has come to mean so much.  From day 1, she breezed in with a confidence and strength that made me feel like I could do what needed to be done.  She professionally and efficiently assessed every situation, discussed what she was doing, worked seamlessly with the nurses and all while making me feel that I was sitting with my lifelong friend.  There wasn’t a moment that I didn’t feel cared for on all fronts.  We laughed and talked together all day, making the hours seem short.  She knew when the caps were most uncomfortable for me and somehow found a way to get my mind off it.  She went above and beyond, reminding me to drink water, making sure I had warm blankets… she did it all.  She was also a role model of sorts.  Knowing she came through this and was on the other side gave me motivation and strength that I couldn’t find elsewhere.  She is someone who has left an indelible mark on me and for that I am very thankful.  Anyone would be blessed to have her accompany them through this awful process.

Long story short — thank you all for doing what you are doing for women like me.  Addressing the woman and not just the patient is such an important piece of this very difficult process.

Laura P., treated in October 2021

Although it’s a late thank you, I wake up each day thinking about all the good and how thankful I am of all. I wanted to tell you sincerely how thankful your service has been to me and I’m sure to many others who endure this arduous path. Thank you for your support w emails and talking me out of shaving my hair, thank you for having such wonderful cappers, and  thank you for my hair.

Luz M., treated in December 2020

My initial call with Right Arm took place on a Sunday morning back in October, when I was on the soccer field watching my daughter play, listening to how they might be able to help my dad and me through this traumatic experience. I appreciated how much time you took with me that morning. I know everyone at Right Arm works very hard to help patients through their treatments and I hope you know how much your efforts are appreciated.

D.C., February 2023

I feel so lucky to have had the help of Right Arm during my sixteen rounds of chemotherapy. Not only did I keep most of my hair (and nobody other than my husband and me could tell that I’d lost any at all), but I felt like I had a support system in both my capper and Claudia. All of my questions and concerns were always answered quickly and expertly. In a scary situation where so much was beyond my control, keeping my hair was extremely important to me, and with Right Arm’s help, I was able to. I am so grateful to Claudia and her team!

Sarah H., November 2022

Through a very dark time, I had a pleasant experience with Right Arm.  Aside from the cancer diagnosis, losing my hair was a huge worry for me.  I appreciate that they were always quick to answer my questions and alleviate any concerns.  They made a very difficult time, a little less difficult.  I did shed some hair underneath but my husband said that no one else knows.  Because I had weekly treatments, I felt like my capper was a caring friend who I bonded with.  My capper was also knowledgeable, compassionate and funny.  I highly recommend Right Arm.

Caryn S., December 2022

I am grateful to Right Arm for allowing me to keep a sizeable amount of my hair (with shedding) after 6 rounds of TCHP.  I cold capped with a professional capper who was amazing.  Not only was he extremely knowledgeable about the treatment protocol and the policies of various hospitals, but he was supportive and funny, which made the chemo easier to tolerate.  Claudia and her partner Faye were also wonderful to work with as they were knowledgeable, helpful, and supportive with everything from navigating insurance claims to caring for my hair while it was in a more fragile state.  I would highly recommend Right Arm to anyone interested in keeping their hair while undergoing treatment.

Lesley DeCasseres, December 2022

Claudia and her team are amazing!  Claudia was beyond patient and always just a text/phone call/email away.  The first time I contacted Claudia she stayed on the phone with me for over an hour so I could ask all of my questions/take notes.  Our professional capper was super down to earth and right away clicked with my mom and me.  Our professional capper always arrived on time on treatment days and brought all of the necessary equipment.  We plan on staying in touch with her and grabbing lunch together after the holidays.  We are so thankful for Claudia’s services and highly recommend them!!

Bianca Daskal, November 2022

There is not enough wonderful things I could say about Right Arm / Penguin Cold Caps and all of the people who work there.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 39, it was devastating.  I had just been recently divorced and trying out the dating world.  The idea of losing all my hair was beyond my comprehension.  I was lucky enough to hear about Penguin Cold Capping from my doctor and all I can say is it was a miracle.  My capper was a true angel.  Not only does she save your hair, but she is also your advocate and friend.  Faye (a Right Arm administrator) is also amazing…making sure you know how to care for your hair during and after treatment.  Although you will still have shedding of your hair, which does continue for a few months after chemo has finished, you will still have hair.  I am two months out from chemo – my hair is still shedding some but the new growth is amazing!

Jackie Nemetz, September 2022

I used Penguin Cold Caps thru Right Arm when I was going thru chemo for breast cancer.  First, the caps work!  I had 3 months of weekly Taxol and I kept all of my hair.  Second, the customer service was excellent.  They were full of helpful information not just on cold capping but on chemo itself.  They were also very responsive for when I had any questions on what to do or what to expect.  I hired a cold capper to help me through the process and I am so glad that I did.  She really held my hand throughout the process.  She was not only great for the actual cold capping but also a great support system while going thru this horrible and often lonely process.  I highly recommend Penguin Cold Capping and Right Arm.

Kathy Murray, July 2022

Claudia and my capper did a great job of getting me through the cold cap process.  Not only were their efforts successful in saving my hair, but her information and advice during my treatments were invaluable. Claudia was very responsive to the various questions I had throughout the process, and easy to work with.  A very professional team!

John F., June 2022

I am incredibly thankful to Faye, Claudia and Right Arm for their help in getting me set up with the Penguin Cold Caps, training for my husband (my amazing cold capper!) and answering my numerous questions throughout the process.  I wasn’t sure at first whether the hassle would be worth it but without a doubt it was worth it!  I did not lose any hair.  I have very thick hair and normally shed all over the place, but while using the cold caps, I didn’t shed at all, it was amazing.  We were unsure how well it would work with my husband serving as my cold capper, but after an hour virtual training, we felt much more confident going in to the first treatment.  It takes some time to get the rhythm down, but once you do, it’s really not bad. Doctors, nurses, and anyone who learns I have gone through 12 rounds of chemo are amazed at my hair.  This has made a challenging time in my life so much more tolerable, I will be forever grateful for this technology and the fantastic people who work to make this available!

Wendi, March 2022

I consider myself extremely lucky to have been referred to Claudia and Penguin Cold Caps while preparing for my chemo treatments.  From the moment we first connected she was there for me and remained that way throughout the whole process.  Cancer is so scary, but cold-capping doesn’t need to be.  I opted to use one of Claudia’s ‘cappers’ to help out and I can’t say enough about how helpful that was to not have to worry about anything but getting through treatment.  As I moved through the chemo, Claudia was just a text or phone call away; always available to answer questions and provide tips and support in a timely fashion.  Overall, the experience was exactly as she described it which gave me the freedom to just focus on healing.  Now, finished with that piece of treatment, I’m happy to have retained the majority of my hair.  Simply put: it works. Thank you Claudia and Right Arm!

Susie R., January 2022

Keeping my hair was so important to me during my chemo treatment. Cancer turns your whole world upside down, but saving my hair was the one thing I could control during this scary time in my life. Thanks to Right Arm, I was able to feel like myself during my 16 rounds of chemotherapy. My doctors were so impressed by my hair, they thought I was wearing a wig! Claudia and her team are absolutely amazing and I cannot recommend them enough!!

Victoria S., June 2021

I realize that I hadn’t followed up with you post treatment so this email is long overdue.  I started chemo in October 2019 and finished at the end of February 2020 (AC followed by Taxol).  I was diligent each treatment week in using the cold caps following the advice you gave and directions from Penguin throughout my entire treatment.

Over my 5 month treatment period, I did experience some shedding.  At times (especially after a hair wash) I wasn’t sure if it was going to work.  I am a black woman and because of my hair type which was fully relaxed at the start of treatment, the new growth that occurred during treatment (and there was lots of new growth during treatment) created a situation where I had 2 totally different hair textures.  The relaxed hair was straight and the new growth was coarse, making even the gentlest of combing difficult.  Two months into treatment, I decided to braid my hair to limit having to detangle it.  That made a huge difference so I kept my hair braided even during washing and occasionally wore a wig if I wanted to look presentable in public (that was my vanity thinking).

Amazingly after my last treatment, I had most of my hair.  I did however, lose most of my eyebrows and eyelashes by the final month of treatment but they grew back immediately within the first month after treatment.  I kept my hair braided after treatment knowing that I wouldn’t be able to get it relaxed for a few months waiting for my roots to strengthen (also when the initial Covid-19 crisis created the closures in NY, I had no choice because salons were closed). I got my first relaxer this summer and I feel/look great.

On a personal note, I am cancer free.  While the chemo treatment completely resolved the tumor in my breast, pathology reports from my bilateral mastectomy/reconstruction in June showed no residual or spread of cancer.

I want to personally thank you for your guidance and encouragement through my journey.  You are part of a team of supporters that helped me get through this challenge.  Please feel free to use any part of my story if it helps others in their journey.

Naimah T., October 2020

I just wanted you to know that the capper you sent was wonderful and my mom and I fell in love with her. She did an amazing job and she looked out for me the entire time.  I was very proud of myself because the cold caps didn’t bother me at all. I just kept telling myself I was at the ski resort in Colorado. Just wanted to let you know how it all went I’m sure you knew your capper would be amazing.  I feel like she was sent to me, like an angel.

R.H., January 2020

After finding out I had cancer at 26 my first initial thought was “how am I going to keep my hair”?  As crazy as it sounds to say that out loud, I knew keeping my hair would help maintain my positivity and inner strength for my upcoming journey through Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. My partner researched cold capping and we called Claudia who straight away put us at ease and gave us hope for our fight to keep my hair! Claudia organized everything we needed to be able to start our capping journey which was a huge relief and weight off our shoulders. Once we met her at the hospital on my treatment day, I was treated like family. I’m an Australian living in New York and not having my family physically with me made the process a lot more daunting. Claudia was an amazing motherly role and made sure my partner and I felt as comfortable as possible during my first treatment when she capped me. For the remaining treatments, another capper went above and beyond every treatment. My hair actually grew throughout the treatment and while I lost hair around certain areas (sideburns) overall it wasn’t noticeable to anyone but me!

N.T., December 2019

My journey with Right Arm started just 2 days before I was about to have my 1st chemo treatment. I will never forget the warmth of Claudia’s voice when I first spoke with her over the phone. She sent me an email with specific instructions of how to take care of my hair and what to bring with me etc., and then she wrote ”I’ll take care of everything else.” I cannot put into words what ”everything else” was, but trust me, it was a lot.

My cold capper was amazing!  From the moment I met her I felt taken care of.  She was kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, professional and the best white-blood cell cheerleader a girl could ask for!  She supported me through my entire journey with a positive, loving smile.

Claudia said cold capping would help my hair grow back faster and she was right.  Shortly after I finished chemo I noticed many areas filling which made me so happy. Today, 2 years later, my hair is stronger than ever and just as beautiful as before. Thank you Claudia and my wonderful capper from the bottom of my heart.  I am forever grateful.

S.S., January 2019 (written in 2020)

Claudia at Right Arm Inc. and her wonderful capper helped me through the darkest time of my life. Besides all the fear that comes with a cancer diagnosis, the fear of losing my hair and becoming bald made me so anxious and terrified. I did not want my children to see me that way. I was unaware of this service and had one chemo treatment before I contacted Claudia. She was hesitant at first because I already had a treatment and told me I probably would lose my hair. I informed her that I had really thick hair and thankfully she took a chance on me. Even though I did lose some of my hair from my first treatment, I kept enough.  I did not wear a wig.  Claudia was so helpful. She was available at any time to answer questions from what shampoo to use and how to shampoo during treatment.  My hair is now thicker than it was before.  My capper made sure I was comfortable, warm and held my hand when I needed. We talked  laughed and cried together. She will be my forever friend.

RMU, 2017 (written in 2020)

Upon hearing the news that I would lose my hair during chemo, I googled, “How to keep your hair during chemo.”  Cold capping came up and I began reading all about it.  I asked my nurse at Weill Cornell hospital and she put me in touch with Claudia at Right Arm.  From the point of contact till the end of my chemo treatment, I was treated like family.  I was so scared and anxious the day of my first chemo treatment but when I met my capper  I was immediately put at ease and felt like everything was going to be OK.  Well, I have my hair and feel like myself when I look in the mirror.  I can’t thank Claudia and Right Arm enough for allowing me to keep my hair and making chemo not take everything from me.

Teresa Ramos, October 2019

Claudia and her capping team have been so wonderful to me during my cancer/chemotherapy ordeal. Claudia is the woman who will set up your rental of the penguin caps, she schedules you with a capper, and answers all my million e-mails asking for advice to get through this cold capping journey. She’ll call you and answer e-mails late at night and even on the weekends! She is amazing and its so very obvious that she cares about you and does everything in her power to help you keep your hair! Her cappers are amazing and warm as well. I’ve seen 3 cappers because I have 18 weekly chemo treatments and they are all great! They do a great job administering the cold capping and making sure even that the nursing team is taking care of me properly! I wholeheartedly recommend using Claudia and her capping team! They are absolutely wonderful!

Tanja G., December 2019

She squeezed my hand as if I was receiving a Flu shot.
She made sure I had ‘warmed’ socks to wear as I needed them.
She adjusted the cold cap, the blanket, the seat, the conversation – to fit my comfort & needs.
She quietly sat invisible in the room out of the way of the staff.
She was professional and so very knowledgeable about what was happening to me.
She talked about whatever you wanted to talk about and stayed silent when you needed it.
She introduced us to the deliciousness of a Heritage turkey for Thanksgiving.
She made family members feel welcome.
She made family members feel a part of the healing.
She made us laugh.
She made us silly.
She made us confident that all would be OK.
Oh – and did I forget to mention, she was there to save my hair.
And, by the way – SHE DID!
She is MY FRIEND for LIFE.

A.M., 2018 to 2019

If you are reading this, I know that you are in the midst of what can be a very confusing and difficult time. But here is the good news. It is entirely possible to minimize the sense of uncertainty and preserve the perception of your healthy self by keeping your hair during chemo. I was a Penguin Caps user during my three months of chemo in the spring and summer of 2018. My technician arrived before my session, and talked me through the process of cold capping. She not only was an excellent technician, but was so knowledgeable about how to care for my hair throughout chemo and beyond to ensure that I would have the best results. I came through my treatment without losing a bit of hair. In fact, my hair before chemo was pretty much straight, and now it curls without anything but a quick blow dry and conditioner. My hairdresser checks me every time I go in for cut and color, and she is amazed at how well my hair has survived over the past year.
This was my experience. I cannot speak to the different chemo regimens, and if there is any difference in the results from one chemo to another. This is a conversation you should have with your doctor and with the Penguin rep.
Many women make the decision to shave their heads, and accept hair loss as part of treatment. I totally respect that decision, as this is such a personal choice each woman must make. For me, keeping my hair somehow made me feel like “myself”, and I have no doubt that the transition back to life after chemo was made a bit easier because of it.
Whatever decision is right for you, I wish you all the best in this journey towards health!

D.R., December 2019

Claudia and my capper were a shining light at a dark time in my life. The idea of losing all my hair on top of fighting cancer made me feel like someone was kicking me when I was already down. I was in the process of making arrangements for a wig when I spoke to Claudia. She told me to save my money, she felt confident that I would not need a wig, and I never did! Claudia and my capper were amazingly supportive through the process. They answered all my questions with great empathy and promptness. I can’t recommend their services enough. I’ve seen other cappers at my doctor’s office, but none have the level of professionalism of Right Arm. If keeping your hair is crucial, capping will be worth it, and you will be in the best hands with Claudia and her team.

V.K., December 2019

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in Sept 2015. After decisions had been made;  lump removal, chemo and radiation, my only thought was to save my hair. I have worn it the same way forever, and did not want to attract the attention/concern of my professional community by a change of style. I explored  umpteen places about having a wig made, and researched  hair weaving. Each was likely to be quite noticeable. And then a friend told me about Cold Caps, and though they were not yet well known, they seemed to offer the most hope. Through the advice of the niece of my BFF, I found Claudia. And my mind was made up. She made all the arrangements for the deliveries to the hospital, she found me the most caring, interesting, comforting Cold Cap Helpers to keep my head freezing for the requisite hours. They kept me hydrated and fed, and comfortably tucked into my electric blanket.
It was very expensive,but worth every penny. It is not a job to be done by anyone without the training.  Yes, a lot of my hair did fall out, but a lot didn’t, and for a while I had to make some adjustments to the way I wear it. But I never had to change my total look, and now, 4 years later, I wear it the way I always have, albeit it with some slightly thin spots. Throughout the process whenever I had a question about hair care, or being scared by hair loss I could reach out to Claudia for her support, knowledge and wise coaching. She was always there. Made all the difference.

NB, Class of 2015 – December 2019

I used the Cold Capping service in 2014 when I was receiving treatment for my third breast cancer recurrence. It was a “no brainer” decision for me. I had just been offered a new job and felt that being able to keep my hair was important, not only in terms of my own mental health and well-being but in my ability to come into a new position as a “whole,” not “sick” person. Sharing my recurrence was on my own terms, not my hair’s!

The process worked amazingly well…I retained a full head of hair throughout my three months of treatment and no one was ever the wiser. I was grateful to my oncologist who suggested I consider it.

I benefitted greatly from Cold Capping and encourage any woman whose treatment regimen is compatible with it to consider doing it as well.

JRM, November 2019

Claudia and my capper took incredible care of not just my hair during my chemo treatments, but of me too. Claudia was always so quick to hop on a call or email me back anytime I had questions about hair care or the process in general (even on the weekend!). Claudia is so knowledgeable about hair care during and after treatment – I knew I was in the best hands to retain as much of my hair, (and myself), as I could. Further, my capper, was a bright light by my side during every treatment, carefully, gently, and thoroughly ensuring my caps were administered correctly and that I was as comfortable as possible, which didn’t stop at my cold cap. She would happily adjust my chair, blanket, IV stand – anything – to ensure maximum comfort. Partnering with Right Arm was a decision I am extremely grateful I made.

Amanda M., November 2019

I appreciate what you do for women (and men) who cross that threshold into facing their fears, their vulnerabilities, their deepest unknowns.

As I approach my last chemotherapy session, I know that this process has made me stronger, wiser, and more determined to live my best life NOW.

Thank you for your guidance.

Mahwish Syed, September 2019

As I start my cancer journey you are one of the people I can say was kind and so helpful and I will be forever grateful!

Laurie C., July 2019

I was so scared, cried the whole night before, was having an anxiety attack en route to the hospital, and then we met our Right Arm capper. That chemo session couldn’t have gone as seamlessly, calmly, pleasantly as it did without her. She really eased our fears because she has such great energy as person, she knows everyone at the facility, and each medical aspect of the day. So aside from the capping there was no great fear of the unknown lurking, and nothing seemed dire or severe. My husband felt the same way.

Aside from being so grateful to work with you guys to save my hair, the service your business provides is really the type of care and compassion I wish every person received during a health issue. I now feel like we can make it through these next 11 weeks comfortably and at ease, which I didn’t think was possible before.

Emily Noel Spiegelman, February 2019

My capper was spectacular, a great companion above, and went beyond the call for duty. As a business owner, it is important for me to share my feedback with you because we live off of referrals and word of mouth in the services industry. I would recommend Right Arm without a doubt. Rest assured of that!

Monica Calabrese, March 2018

You and your team have been so loving and supportive. You really helped me get through this. I’ve often said to folks that even if I lost every single strand of hair on my head, it was worth the money just to have a capper at my side during my chemo sessions.

Stacey S., March 2018

I wanted to share a story with you. My head was covered with a shawl and as I was walking out into the waiting area this girl approached me with a big smile and with such enthusiasm. She said that she did the cold cap with you and look at how much hair she has. She said it worked. She had a full head of healthy hair down to her shoulders. That brought me tears and hope.

M.C., September 2017

It’s been a year since my last chemo treatment and my hair is long, thick and strong. But I never thanked you.

I was pretty miserable and cranky and scared. I want you to know that I really appreciate that you ignored all of that. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Elizabeth Kahn, August 2017

You were so amazing during the darkest time of my life. You helped me get through it all. I will never forget your kindness.

Robin Rokuson, July 2017

Dearest Angel Claudia – Your attention, unwavering kindness, patience and expertise in what you do is so beyond appreciated. I am immensely grateful to be connected with you! You are indeed a special gift in this world of ours.

S.J., March 2017

It really is a miracle right now that I have a full head of hair and feel relatively normal as opposed to bald and sick. I owe it all to my wonderful capper, running the show like clockwork. My capper was also a warm and lovable person to have around during a very scary time. Words cannot even express my gratitude.

A.S , October 2015

Just want to thank you so much for helping me with all my questions about cold caps and most of all getting me a capper to help me during this most difficult time of my chemo. She was not only professional, she was kind, compassionate and most of all a calming presence in the middle of my chaos…..and she is now a new friend to me forever. My hair looks great!

Jennie Guberman, January 2015

You are amazing and saintly for the work you are doing. You’re an angel in the trenches.

Marjorie Thompson, March 2013