Claudia and my capper took incredible care of not just my hair during my chemo treatments, but of me too. Claudia was always so quick to hop on a call or email me back anytime I had questions about hair care or the process in general (even on the weekend!). Claudia is so knowledgeable about hair care during and after treatment – I knew I was in the best hands to retain as much of my hair, (and myself), as I could. Further, my capper, was a bright light by my side during every treatment, carefully, gently, and thoroughly ensuring my caps were administered correctly and that I was as comfortable as possible, which didn’t stop at my cold cap. She would happily adjust my chair, blanket, IV stand – anything – to ensure maximum comfort. Partnering with Right Arm was a decision I am extremely grateful I made.

Amanda M., November 2019

I appreciate what you do for women (and men) who cross that threshold into facing their fears, their vulnerabilities, their deepest unknowns.

As I approach my last chemotherapy session, I know that this process has made me stronger, wiser, and more determined to live my best life NOW.

Thank you for your guidance.

Mahwish Syed, September 2019

As I start my cancer journey you are one of the people I can say was kind and so helpful and I will be forever grateful!

Laurie C., July 2019

I was so scared, cried the whole night before, was having an anxiety attack en route to the hospital, and then we met our Right Arm capper. That chemo session couldn’t have gone as seamlessly, calmly, pleasantly as it did without her. She really eased our fears because she has such great energy as person, she knows everyone at the facility, and each medical aspect of the day. So aside from the capping there was no great fear of the unknown lurking, and nothing seemed dire or severe. My husband felt the same way.

Aside from being so grateful to work with you guys to save my hair, the service your business provides is really the type of care and compassion I wish every person received during a health issue. I now feel like we can make it through these next 11 weeks comfortably and at ease, which I didn’t think was possible before.

Emily Noel Spiegelman, February 2019

My capper was spectacular, a great companion above, and went beyond the call for duty. As a business owner, it is important for me to share my feedback with you because we live off of referrals and word of mouth in the services industry. I would recommend Right Arm without a doubt. Rest assured of that!

Monica Calabrese, March 2018

You and your team have been so loving and supportive. You really helped me get through this. I’ve often said to folks that even if I lost every single strand of hair on my head, it was worth the money just to have a capper at my side during my chemo sessions.

Stacey S., March 2018

I wanted to share a story with you. My head was covered with a shawl and as I was walking out into the waiting area this girl approached me with a big smile and with such enthusiasm. She said that she did the cold cap with you and look at how much hair she has. She said it worked. She had a full head of healthy hair down to her shoulders. That brought me tears and hope.

M.C., September 2017

It’s been a year since my last chemo treatment and my hair is long, thick and strong. But I never thanked you.

I was pretty miserable and cranky and scared. I want you to know that I really appreciate that you ignored all of that. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Elizabeth Kahn, August 2017

You were so amazing during the darkest time of my life. You helped me get through it all. I will never forget your kindness.

Robin Rokuson, July 2017

Dearest Angel Claudia – Your attention, unwavering kindness, patience and expertise in what you do is so beyond appreciated. I am immensely grateful to be connected with you! You are indeed a special gift in this world of ours.

S.J., March 2017

It really is a miracle right now that I have a full head of hair and feel relatively normal as opposed to bald and sick. I owe it all to my wonderful capper, running the show like clockwork. My capper was also a warm and lovable person to have around during a very scary time. Words cannot even express my gratitude.

A.S , October 2015

Just want to thank you so much for helping me with all my questions about cold caps and most of all getting me a capper to help me during this most difficult time of my chemo. She was not only professional, she was kind, compassionate and most of all a calming presence in the middle of my chaos…..and she is now a new friend to me forever. My hair looks great!

Jennie Guberman, January 2015

You are amazing and saintly for the work you are doing. You’re an angel in the trenches.

Marjorie Thompson, March 2013