Needing chemotherapy
is out of your control.

Keeping your hair is in it.

Right Arm Inc., the original and premier capping service in the U.S. for over 13 years, saves hair during chemotherapy with all drug regimens. There are many reasons to choose scalp cooling therapy. Whether clients want to maintain their privacy, prevent total baldness or feel empowered, they can choose to keep their hair. Right Arm has a proven track record, reliable and compassionate cappers, and countless references including public figures such as the Today Show’s Jill Martin and CNN anchor Sara Sidner.

Endorsed by Penguin Cold Caps as its Tri-State Area Capping Service and Recommended Exclusively by all Hackensack Meridian Health Cancer Centers
Over 1
Happy Heads Helped since 2011
Over 999
Cold Caps Changed in 50 Facilities in 10 States
Less than 100%
of Clients Choose to Wear Wigs

Why choose Right Arm Inc.?

Right Arm’s cappers use techniques perfected over 13 years to give their clients every advantage at retaining the most amount of hair possible. Founder Claudia Falzarano, often referred to as a cancer doulah and hair angel, is available to answer hair care questions and give support throughout chemotherapy.  Insurance forms are provided upon request.

Which scalp cooling method does Right Arm use?

Right Arm chooses to use Penguin Cold Caps, the original and best method available today. Pioneers in cold cap therapy for over 25+ years, Penguin uses a portable, manual scalp cooling technique to successfully reduce chemotherapy-induced alopecia with all drug protocols. The temperature, fit, and timing of Penguin Cold Caps are controlled by Right Arm cappers to ensure optimal results.